Honda CR-V review

Manufacturer price from:£26,940
What Car? Target Price£25,249
Honda CR-V 2019 front right tracking shot
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Take a peek at Honda’s website and atop the list of things it makes, you'll find a statement: ‘Dream machines to make you smile.’ If you’re thinking of a new superbike, a thumping great outboard motor for your slinky new speedboat or the fabulous Civic Type R hot hatch, absolutely. But the rest of the stuff on that list: the lawn mowers, the generators, the Honda CR-V… Really?

The CR-V has never been the kind of car that would have you dribbling into your pillow at night. But, to be fair, neither would many of its rivals, which include the Skoda KodiaqVolkswagen Tiguan (and seven-seat Tiguan Allspace), Peugeot 5008, and hybrid rival, the Toyota RAV4.

What’s important here is not the dream but the reality: in the cold light of day, is the CR-V a great – or even the greatest – large SUV you can buy from a driving and owning perspective? Read on and we’ll let you know.

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Honda CR-V 2019 front right tracking
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