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Honda CR-V

2018 - present

Great on interior space, comfortable and tidy to drive, but th...

Honda Civic

2017 - present

The Honda Civic is good to drive, has a big boot and comes wit...

Honda Civic Saloon

2018 - present

The Honda Civic Saloon is good to drive, has a big boot and co...

Honda Civic Type R

Awesome performance and brilliant handling. The world's greate...

Honda E

Great to look at and to drive – but the high price and meagre...

Honda HR-V

2018 - present

The HR-V is competitive, but there are quieter and better-valu...

Honda Jazz

2017 - present

As roomy and versatile as some family cars and extremely...

Honda NSX

2016 - present

The Honda NSX has some impressive hybrid technology, but it is...