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Small SUVs are becoming more and more like chocolate bars. You see, while the basic recipe of some of the bestsellers are now very similar, there’s always some key ingredient that helps you decide which one to buy.

So, why might you choose the Skoda Kamiq over a Seat Arona or Volkswagen T-Cross – two models that use the same basic underpinnings? Well, sticking with the choccie bar analogy for a moment longer, the Kamiq has a different wrapper and a squidgier filling, but it’s also what you might describe as ‘King Size’ – it's big by small SUV standards.

Then there's its looks to consider. Skoda hasn’t been as adventurous with the design as Nissan was with its Juke, but the Kamiq isn’t simply a Karoq (Skoda’s larger family SUV) put through a photocopier that's set to 95%. Its split headlight design, with LED daytime running lights along the top, is completely new for the brand, and the Kamiq is also the first Skoda that's available with dynamic indicators front and rear. These use LEDs that light up in sequence from the inside of the car to the outside, effectively pointing to the direction that the car's going to turn. It’s a fancy feature that you might have noticed when following an Audi or a Jaguar, so kudos to Skoda for offering it at such a low price point.

Another nifty feature is the hidden plastic strips that automatically pop out to protect the edges of the doors as they open – particularly helpful at preventing over-exuberant kids from denting cars parked next to you at the supermarket. Meanwhile, the usual Skoda accoutrements, including an umbrella in the door and an ice scraper in the fuel filler cap, are present and correct. Most versions even have a removable rechargeable torch that lives in the boot.

But aside from all those clever touches, is the Skoda Kamiq a fundamentally good car? Does it stack up financially and, crucially, should you consider buying one instead of other great small SUVs, including the Arona and T-Cross? Read on to find out.

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