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There’s no official connection between NASA and the famous Czech car manufacturer, but the latter certainly knows a thing or two about space. The Skoda Superb has galactic quantities of it inside so, if there’s not quite enough room to moonwalk, you can certainly stretch out while orbiting London on the M25.

Like all the best spacecraft, there’s room for a decent payload, too. Its boot is the best in the class, with this hatchback version officially providing even more luggage capacity than the Volkswagen Golf Estate. And, if that’s not big enough, you can read about the even more gargantuan Superb Estate here. 

There’s more to the Superb than simply the vastness of its space, though. It’s generously equipped, with a comfortable, well-designed interior; it’s competitively priced, too, while its efficient engines and strong resale values make it surprisingly affordable to buy and run.

So we know it’s good, but should you buy one when the alternatives include everything from the Ford Mondeo to premium German cars such as the BMW 3 Series? And if you should, which engine and trim should you choose? Read on and we’ll provide you with all the answers.

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