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Can you remember being a kid in the company of your nan and the topic of cars coming up? There’s a good chance the conversation started like this: “Oh my,” she’d say in her sweet nana voice, “Isn’t the traffic awful these days? Look at all these cars, and they all look the same. You could tell 'em apart in my day, you know.”

Ah, bless, and she may have had a point. Unless it was 2005 and a new Mercedes-Benz CLS had just zoomed by. In which case, she’d have pointed at it excitedly and added: “Except for that one; what a corker.”

That’s because the original CLS was as distinctive as a newly discovered galaxy – and just as unique. No manufacturer before had thought of combining four doors with the rakish front and rear-end looks of a two-door coupé – and, boy, did it go down a storm.

Fast forward to today and we’re on the third generation of the CLS, but no longer is it ploughing a lonely furrow. As with all great ideas, the design has long since been scrupulously studied and brazenly plagiarised by all and sundry, including Mercedes’ nemeses Audi with the A7 Sportbackand BMW with its 6 Series Gran Turismo.

That’s good for you, though, because it means more options. So which is best? Read on and we’ll let you know how the CLS compares with its rivals and which is the best version to buy.

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