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You don’t know whether an idea is a good one until you try it. This may very well have been the thinking behind the Lexus RX, the first mainstream production car to combine the desirable image of a luxury SUV with the low emissions of a hybrid.

But, while the first-generation RX of the late '90s was something of a pioneer, these days manufacturers are clamouring to offer electrified versions of their popular SUVs; whether with mild-hybrid technology like the Audi Q7, or plug-in technology like the Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine.

Not to be left behind, Lexus has evolved the RX over the years, making it comfier, more refined and even more laden with tech. Updated for 2020, the latest model is distinguished by a refreshed front end with sleeker headlights and has an overhauled infotainment system, as well as a multitude of small tweaks that improve refinement.

The RX line-up is fairly straightforward with just one engine and a couple of trim levels. F Sport is geared towards spirited driving whereas the Takumi focuses more on the luxury side of things. There are also several option packs that bring a wealth of equipment to an already generous standard kit list. 

But was the latest round of tweaks and updates enough to bring the RX back into the limelight? Over the next few pages we’ll aim to answer that very question.

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