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When it comes to car names, especially those from German brands, it's usually safe to assume that the bigger the number, the bigger the car. Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule and the Audi Q8 is the perfect example. Eight might be the largest number in Audi’s model line-up, but this coupé-inspired SUV is actually a little shorter than the Q7 on which it’s based.

Combine this fact with the Q8’s less boxy silhouette, space is naturally a little tighter inside. That meant Audi couldn’t fit in a third row of seats, so there’s only room for five, including the driver.

The Q8 has two engines in its lineup: a V6 diesel engine and V6 petrol, both of which you’ll also find in the Q7 range. There is also a V8 SQ8, should you be hungry for power, and if this V8-powered brute sounds like your cup of weissbier, then you can read about it in our dedicated review here.

However, back to the Q8. As with its engine choices, there are no cheap and cheerful trims to pick; the lineup starts with S Line, and if that’s not plush enough, Vorsprung sits above and offers pretty much every bell and whistle going.

If you are considering a Q8, we’d also suggest having a look at the Range Rover Velar and the Mercedes GLE Coupé. There’s also the SUV that arguably kicked off the high-rise coupé movement, the BMW X6

But first, click through the next few pages to find out how the Audi Q8 drives, what it’s like inside and how much damage it will do to your bank account. And of course, check out our New Car Buying pages for hefty savings on the Q8 and many other new cars.

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Audi Q8 front
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