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Audi Allroad 2019 RHD front tracking
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Here’s a scenario. You’re a businessman with an adventurous soul, you’re relatively well-off and looking for a new car. You want something that will tow a horsebox through a muddy field or take you to your favourite hiking spot, while still cutting the mustard in the company car park. A glitzy premium SUV could serve you well, but what if you can’t stand those lumbering leviathans? Could the Audi A6 Allroad be the best choice?

The A6 Allroad is based on the A6 Avant estate and, as its name implies, is designed to conquer those rough tracks that are off-limits for the regular car. Tweaks include increased ground clearance and standard quattro four-wheel drive for greater traction on poor surfaces. Some models have four-wheel steering to improve manoeuvrability on the road, too. 

Available in Sport or Vorsprung trim, the A6 Allroad also promises decent efficiency; its V6 diesel engines use fuel-saving mild hybrid technology. It also packs cutting-edge infotainment and autonomous driving technology borrowed from the much pricier Audi A8

So, how does it compare with rivals such as the Volvo V90 Cross Country and Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain? We’ll be answering that question in this review, plus we’ll outline the engines and trim levels that make the most sense in the showroom.

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Audi Allroad 2019 RHD rear tracking
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