Subaru BRZ review

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Subaru BRZ
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If you're looking for a compact, low-weight, sensibly priced sports coupe that places driver enjoyment above just about everything else, take a look at the Subaru BRZ. It's the other half of the now iconic joint venture that resulted in Toyota launching the widely popular GT86.

Like its GT86 sister, the front-engined, rear-wheel drive 2+2 BRZ is powered by a 197bhp 2.0-litre flat four. It’s an engine that needs working hard if you want to make swift progress, but the BRZ is more about handling than straight-line speed. With its classical layout, it’s tremendously engaging to drive on twisty roads, and a rewarding machine on track.

For a sports car it’s well equipped, too. There is only one trim available, which is comparable to the range topping, and significantly more expensive, Toyota GT86 Pro.

Read on over the next few pages to get our in depth impressions of the BRZ, and to see how it compares with rivals such as the Audi TT and its near-identical Toyota sibling.


Subaru BRZ
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