Kia Xceed long-term test review

Kia has added a premium look – and price tag – to its Ceed hatchback with the pseudo-SUV Xceed. Does it have the talent to back up the extra cost? We're finding out...

Kia Xceed long-term test review
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14 Jan 2020 12:00

The car Kia Xceed 1.0 T-GDi 2 

Run by Alastair Clements, special contributor

Why it’s here Can a larger boot and rugged styling cues transform the appeal of the competent Ceed family hatchback? We’ve got four months to find out

Needs to Feel special enough to justify the considerable price hike over the standard Ceed, while also offering the practicality demanded by family life

Mileage 3701 Price £20,795 Target Price £19,447 Price as tested £21,615 Test economy 37.0mpg Official economy 45.6mpg (WLTP) 

14 January 2020 – The Xceed expands its capacity

There is no doubt the extra boot space that comes with the Xceed over the standard Ceed hatchback has proved useful, but there are certain times of the year when even that additional 31 litres isn’t enough – particularly when it comes to carting around a family of four, plus two dogs and a haul of Christmas presents. 

Kia Xceed long-term test review

With that in mind, ahead of the festive period I acquired a set of roof bars so that I could fit a roof box to boost our luggage capacity. The Kia-branded bars are a doddle to fit to the Xceed’s roof rails, even working solo, although the instructions only gave positioning for a Proceed estate, so I had to guess what would be best to keep the roof box level and properly supported.

Kia Xceed long-term test review

The dogs got the boot to themselves (a pile of presents is too much of a temptation for a puppy prone to chewing), so a careful packing job was still required to get everything in, but it all fitted without the daughters in the back feeling too hemmed in. And the journey from London to Bristol, then on down to Somerset, was a doddle. 

Kia Xceed long-term test review

There was more wind noise from overhead to join the fairly substantial road rumble, and the already limited performance was further stunted, particularly on hills, but the Xceed was otherwise unfazed by the extra load and all occupants were comfortable. Unfortunately, fuel economy was hit, averaging just 36mpg on a long motorway run where normally it would be topping 40mpg.

A biblical downpour on Boxing Day evening provided an extra test, with high crosswinds challenging the Xceed’s ‘big car’ feel to make it seem like the fairly small car it really is, yet again it coped well – my main complaints being the unusually noisy rear wiper motor and the poor rear three-quarter vision, due to those substantial C-pillars.

Kia Xceed long-term test review

It would be churlish to conclude anything other than that the Kia performed admirably; however, if you are planning to regularly haul four people, two dogs and a full roofbox with your Xceed, I’d recommend looking at one of the larger-engined versions...

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