Best used hybrid cars (and the ones to avoid)

Hybrid cars are no longer the preserve of new car buyers; there are plenty out there to buy used, too. Here are our top picks...

Used hybrids
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Mark Pearson
17 Oct 2019 07:40

With the Government proposing to allow only the sale of electrified cars from 2040 onwards, the spotlight has been thrown onto electric and hybrid cars. Not surprisingly, interest in both has risen dramatically since that announcement, and the proliferation of hybrid cars on the new car market has now resulted in their filtering down onto the used market.

As a result, buying a used hybrid, whether as a plug-in or the self-charging type, shouldn’t be too hard to do. You can find hybrids in all classes of car, too. Indeed with so many different makes and models now available, picking your way through the maze isn’t as easy as it once was. So here we bring you our guide to the best used hybrid cars. Read on to find out if there's one for you.

Best used hybrid cars

10. BMW i8

BMW i8

With its wild looks and radical powertrain, consisting of a three-cylinder turbo petrol engine and an electric motor, the BMW i8 caused quite a stir when it was launched, and it’s no less dramatic a sight today. It’s a plug-in hybrid, and you can do 22 miles on electric-only power if you want. What’s more, you get two tiny rear seats, meaning it can almost rival a Porsche 911 for practicality. Put simply, there’s nothing quite like it on the used hybrid market. We love it.

We found: 2015 i8, 54,000 miles, £41,900

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9. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius 1.8 VVT-i Active CVT

It’s rather bland to drive and a little plasticky inside, but there are good reasons why the Toyota Prius is so plentiful: it’s reliable, efficient and spacious enough to serve as everyday family transport. Not to mention, it’s the hybrid that popularised the term. Its ubiquity makes it an easy option to buy used, too, because you’re more likely to find a tidy example locally. You can choose between traditional hybrid and plug-in variants, and whichever model you go for, equipment is plentiful.

We found: 2018 Prius Plug-in, 33,000 miles, £18,600

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8. Kia Niro

Kia Niro Hybrid

You can choose your Niro from new in three different guises: pure electric, plug-in hybrid or regular hybrid. We've gone for the plug-in version here because it can run for up to 38 miles on electric-only power, cutting your overall fuel consumption on shorter journeys. The PHEV is near-silent when running only on batteries and still quiet in petrol-electric mode, with engine noise only becoming strident when you really press on. Inside, you’ll find there’s loads of space in both the front and rear seats.

We found: 2017 Niro PHEV, 28,000 miles, £19,995

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