Best cars for less than £250 per month

By buying your next car using a PCP finance deal, you could end up driving something that you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. These are our top 10 cars for less than £250 per month...

Ford Puma with Target Price logo

These days, most new car purchases are made using a finance deal, and the most popular way of financing a car is through a personal contract purchase, or PCP. These deals are easy to find, and because you're only financing part of the car's value, you can drive away something that would otherwise be out of your budget.

Indeed, for £250 per month, you can choose from small cars, family hatchbacks, estate cars and even SUVs.

Here, we count down the top 10 deals from our Target Price research, which reveals the most you should pay for a new car. You'll see the terms of each deal, including the mileage limit, interest rate and any dealer finance contribution listed next to each car. And as always, you can find out more about each model by reading our full reviews, or by clicking through to the latest deals with What Car? New Car Buying.

10. Mazda 6 2.0 SE-L Nav+

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Target Price cost per month: £246 Target Price (on the road): £21,292 The deal: 42 months' PCP finance with 3.9% APR and £2500 finance deposit allowance. Limit of 8000 miles per year

Mazda 6 2.2d SE-L Nav+

If you're looking for an executive saloon that's a bit left field from the usual German offerings, the stylish Mazda 6 is well worth considering. Its 2.0-litre petrol engine is punchy and economical, while SE-L + Nav trim comes with every feature you could reasonably want, including dual-zone climate control, 17in alloy wheels, cruise control and parking sensors.

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9. Volkswagen Golf 1.5 TSI Life

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Target Price cost per month: £250 Target Price (on the road): £22,216 The deal: 48 months' PCP finance with 4.9% APR and £1000 finance deposit allowance. Limit of 10,000 miles per year

2020 Volkswagen Golf - yellow front

The latest-generation Golf has already proven itself to be both comfortable and practical, with tidy handling and a smart-looking interior. We've been impressed with the performance of this 1.5-litre petrol engine, too; it provides plenty of performance without sounding like it's being worked too hard. 

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8. Ford Fiesta ST 1.5 Ecoboost ST-2 [Performance Pack] Nav 5dr

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Target Price cost per month: £215 Target Price (on the road): £20,332 The deal: 36 months' PCP finance with 2.9% APR and £1000 finance deposit allowance. Limit of 9000 miles per year

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition driving

You might think that a hot hatchback like the Fiesta ST would have only niche appeal, but as well as being outrageously good fun to drive, the Fiesta is also fairly practical. The 1.5-litre petrol engine under the bonnet sounds fantastic and revs freely, and when combined with the Fiesta ST's excellent front-end grip and engaging handling, makes this a very fun car to drive quickly. Come rain or shine, you'll have a smile on your face.