BMW 6 Series GT review

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BMW 6 Series GT (69 plates) front tracking RHD
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Not so very long ago, the large, luxury hatchback was about as fashionable as white socks in black trainers, with drainpipe trousers held aloft with bicycle clips. The BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, though, has given the posh hatch something of a renaissance. 

Its predecessor, the 5 Series Gran Turismo sold relatively well in places such as the US and China, but proved something of an acquired taste on these shores, finding precious few homes. The 6 Series GT, though, is less divisive to look at, and – better still – promises great things for enthusiastic drivers, thanks to sharing the brilliant 5 Series’ underpinnings. 

Its overall dimensions are more akin to the spacious and luxurious 7 Series, which is great news for interior space. However, despite its size, the 6 Series GT weighs about 150kg less than its predecessors – and weight was one of its predecessor’s biggest issues.

So if you’re sold on the looks, can the 6 Series GT justify worth the extra cash it costs over its more conventional stablemates? And, beyond just BMW, does it make more sense than an Audi A7 Sportback or a Mercedes-Benz CLS? Read on for our full review to find out.

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BMW 6 Series GT (69 plates) front wide tracking RHD
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